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A Retreat

filled with Mayan ancestral teachings, a rainforest, lake experiences and visits to unique archaeological sites.

November 2022

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Create a Transcendental Fragment Of Your Life

The Mayan Wellness Retreat offers a personal transformational experience where you will see yourself and the world differently by expanding your perception time and space (Najt), your interaction with others during different periods of your life (past, present, future, transcendental) by applying ancient Mayan knowledge and meditational techniques.  Our purpose is for you to experience and gain knowledge of this ancient wisdom so you can incorporate it to your daily life, relationships, and community. 

The Mayan Wellness Retreat is for you, if you are seeking:

An opportunity for meditation, discovery, gratitude and fun while immersed in nature

A commitment to expand your appreciation for yourself, your relationships and your life's purpose

An experience of self-exploration, self-care, and fulfillment

An opportunity to be of contribution for positive climate impact at a local, regional and national level

An adventure in beautiful parts throughout Guatemala

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What To Expect

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Spiritual Connection

Spirit needs grounding, gratitude, and new energy flows for a renovation. You will have a space for grounding and connection to earth, a Mayan fire ceremony in Tikal, 7 days of Gratitude Meditation. All of them are opportunities that will prepare you for our days of Mayan Energies Seminar in lake Atitlan.

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Wellness Activities

Our wellness retreat will empower you to experience a different way of consciousness and prepare you for your spiritual renovation by adding mind and body activities: daily Yoga, Reiki, reforestation activity in Las Azucenas, journaling and visit to several Mayan communities for interaction.

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Creating the ultimate experience of self-exploration, fulfillment and spiritual renovation while immersing in a Mayan Energy Seminar to explore your birth Mayan energy, your strengths and weakness, maternal and paternal lineage and other transpersonal activities to RENOVATE your spirit.



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Find Yourself in Guatemala

The Mayan Wellness Retreat will take place in remote and magical locations that include:

Peten, El Remate, Lake Atitlan, and Antigua.

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What’s included in the retreat?

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"Without a doubt, it will be interesting to know where we come from, but it is more important to realize that we are part of everything, even though if we are a small particle in the immense Universe, we are all sons and daughters of the same source, and our destiny is united to that of the CREATION. Each person has also a role and a destiny to fulfill, so therefore each fragment of our existence is transcendental."
Don Isidro
Mayan Wisemen
"I highly recommend the Mayan Wellness Retreat. I joined the 3 night retreat at Lake Atitlan where I learned about the Mayan Energies from Maria Quezada as well as unblocking my Chakras.

This was a life changing experience for me as I now are in the stage of my life where I want to be awaken and connected with nature and serve my fellow women and children in Guatemala and let go of ideas and behaviors that do not serve me any longer. After over 30 years in the banking industry in California, I decided to retire and move to Guatemala. I have 2 beautiful daughters and 7 amazing grandchildren.

Thank you dear Abigail for sharing this life changing experience with me."
Gilda Pettit
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Meet your hosts

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Maria Isabel Quezada

Mayan Energy Master

Maria Isabel Quezada, Mayan Energy Master, is an experienced Transpersonal Psychologist with a profound connection to the Mayas and their wisdom as Time Keepers. In her personal path Maria also experienced Inka teachings: the Earth Keepers.

As a doble teacher, she works in a time-space union (Najt) to expand the individual’s perception of possibilities, generating meaningful spiritual experiences. She is also president and member of several Educational Foundations and promotes rural education in Guatemala.

Dr. Asal Azizoddin

Dr. Asal Azizoddin

Gratitude Coach

Dr. Asal Azizoddin is a trained oncology pharmacist and gratitude coach, who is committed to inspiring and motivating people to express gratitude and share kindness with others. While working closely with cancer patients during their journey of battling cancer, she learned that showing appreciation with the people around us is at the core of the human experience.

With the focus on human connection and living life through a lens of Gratitude, she has further committed her efforts to leading meaningful experiences and partaking in speaking engagements such as the TEDx platform. During the Gratitude workshops she leads, participants tap into a mindset of gratitude, are inspired, experience connection through sharing, and most importantly participate in a memorable event with others. She is excited to meet you all.

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Adriane Kim Hosking

Reiki Master Healer

Adriane Kim Hosking is a woman who carries many roles to impact the world in a positive light. As a wife, mother and nana, she is committed to leading her family as a powerful female figure and being a source of love and light. Her professional experiences range from being Reiki Master and Reading Teacher with a background in Archeology, which are tied to the type of care and spirituality she offers to those who she serves. In partnership with her husband, Scott Hosking, they are committed to leaving a legacy to give back internationally to communities in need with a focus on child education; this work is found through being one of the founders of the Stones of Light Education Foundation and being a Guardian of Good Always. She is looking forward to connecting with you all.


javier ezquivel

Javier Esquivel

Las Azucenas Reforestation Owner/Manager
scott hosking

Scott Hosking

Managing Member of Good Always & Stones of Light Education Foundation
abigail ortega

Abigail Ortega

Las Azucenas Guardian at Granafort
José Román Carrera

José Román Carrera

Conservation Superhero at Rainforest Alliance
Alain Romero

Alain Romero

Granafort Founder and Las Azucenas Guardian


The Mayan Wellness Retreat is hosted by Granafort x The GratitudeGram

After a long hike in the Pacific Palisades, Alain and Asal, the founders of Granafort and The GratitudeGram created the possibility of collaborating on an exclusive Mayan Wellness Retreat in Guatemala. The Mayan Wellness Retreat will take place in remote and magical locations that include Peten, El Remate, Lake Atitlan, and Antigua. The curators of this one-of-a-kind retreat value self-care, exploration, education, gratitude, and sustainability efforts with nature.

Granafort, an international organization focused on sustainable investments in agriculture and the communities that sustain them, is a supporter of a local project in Guatemala– Las Azucenas. At Las Azucenas, high grade tropical hardwoods are cultivated with the results of ecosystem regeneration. This designated area is also a habitat of restoration for over 200 species on the verge of extinction, and it employs over 150 Qʼeqchiʼ Mayan families from the neighboring town of Concoma, Guatemala. The impacts of this initiative are multiple, and with the partnership of the Good Always and the Stones of Light Education Foundation, each 10,000 trees purchased supports one year of education for at least 1,000 children through the foundation.
In addition to community impact, this retreat ensures participants are given opportunities of self-care and personal development through The GratitudeGram, a wellness company based on fundamental values of human connection, kindness, positivity and inspiration. The GratitudeGram takes part in the daily programming of this retreat to ensure participants are given opportunities for self-reflection, human connection and the experience of being in a state of gratitude.

We are inviting a limited number of guests to this transformational wellness retreat to further immerse in the cultural legacy and energetic practices of the Mayan. Guided by world-renowned practitioners, we will visit Mayan historical sites, pristine lakes, and islands, learn about the Mayan calendar, familiarize ourselves with our individual Mayan energies, engage in daily gratitude journaling, practice restorative breath and movement through yoga, and many more adventures that bring peace and joy.

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Good Always & Stones of Light Education Foundation
gratitude gram

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact the trip organizers for any additional questions?

Please email us directly at and someone from our team will get back to you in 1 to 2 business days.

What is the best way to book my flight?

The Mayan Wellness Retreat has relations with a travel agency. Participants will receive a concierge service and work directly with Mojgan, our travel agent, to book all flights. Please email Mojgan directly at for any questions pertaining to your flight travels.

What are the physical demands of the trip (specifically the tour)?
The physical demands of the trip is for someone who is moderately fit to fit. Climbing pyramids is considered a moderate to vigorous intensity activity. Participants can choose if they want to climb the pyramids or not. The rainforest is humid, we will provide constant hydration, food and personal attention through our experienced guides and hosts.
What is the wellness focus?

In our retreat, “Wellness” is focused on one self. Everything that will happen will be what is needed and only for what the person is ready to receive. This is how shamanism and energies work. During the retreat, participants will attend the Mayan Energy seminar to further learn about such work and ancient wisdom. You will receive guidance in how to use your learning in your daily life.

Does your trip recommend prior knowledge of chakras, Mayan ceremonies and such?
No knowledge is needed regarding Chakras. Chakras are points of energy and the Chakra system is a system of energies that help you understand your energetic body. There are 13 Mayan Chakras. This information will be extensively covered during the Mayan Shamanic seminars.
What are the sleeping arrangements for the retreat?
Sleeping arrangements are in double bedrooms, where there will be 2 participants per room. Participants will be asked to fill out a form prior to the retreat. The trip organizers will pull information from this form to partner participants together. If you prefer to be in a single room, please email us directly for such accommodations at There is an additional cost to single occupancy rooming.
What wellness activities can I expect if I choose not to do the Mayan Sites Wellness section of the retreat?

One can participate in a fire ceremony, meditations, read about your Mayan energy and relax at the hotel. Hotel arrangements provide a relaxing atmosphere for rest as an option.

Will a travel packing list be provided to ensure participants are prepared for the retreat?

Yes! A travel packing list has been created specifically for all of the activities to ensure participants are physically prepared on the trip. This list will also support participants in avoiding over-packing or underpacking, since we are taking a flight from Guatemala City to Flores and traveling by private bus.

Welcome kits are also provided to participants on day 1 of travel.

Is global travel health insurance provided on this retreat?

The retreat is not responsible for global travel health insurance. Please contact your health insurance provider to confirm international coverage is available. Global travel health insurance can also be found at:

Do I need to wear a mask at all times?

Participants will be asked to wear masks at the discretion of governmental agencies and updates will be provided as we get closer to the travel date. We ask participants to act responsibly to protect the locals and other participants on the Mayan Wellness Retreat.

Are tips included for all service providers?

All tips will be included for service providers and tour guides. This is included in your payment for the retreat.

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